Heat, Drought and Pest Control; Tree Selection and Care in Southern California

by Janet Hartin | TLE Seminar

CEUs/PDHs: LACES 1.5,DPR 1.5*,IA 1.5,ISA 1.5,APLD 1.5,QWEL 1.5,NALP 1.5

Seminar Dates: October 13, 2021 10:00 AM

Seminar Cost: $45

Seminar Description:
Janet Hartin, a horticulture researcher and educator with University of CA Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) in Southern California will discuss how to select and care for landscape tree species that withstand harsh urban conditions, heat islands, and drought.  Specifically, she will discuss a UC ANR/USDA Forest Service project she co-leads that is measuring the growth and health of several tree species thought to be climate-ready under reduced irrigation regimes; the results of a study measuring the impacts of mulch on tree growth, health, and water requirements; the relationship of proper irrigation and the prevention of soil-borne fungal diseases;  important maintenance-linked needs that help ensure a favorable environment for the tree rather than insects or diseases; and how to access and use several free search engines to help identify trees appropriate for various climates and micro climates.

Learning Objectives:
1. Learning how to identify appropriate drought and pest-resistant tree species for inland and desert areas of Southern California using search engines and specified criteria.
2. Learn how low you can go irrigation-wise to keep trees healthy and pest-free while saving water.
3. Learn how 12 species of tress in our University of CA/USFS Trees for Tomorrow study are performing five years after planting and with irrigation now turned off.
4. Learn how four species of trees in out University of CA mulch/no mulch study are performing five years after planting and with irrigation now turned off.
5. Learn how to irrigate trees to reduce the incidence of soil-borne disease-causing organisms.

Janet Hartin

Horticulturist, University of California Cooperative Extension

Janet Hartin is an Area Environmental Horticulturist with University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR). Her expertise includes drought-resistant trees, minimum irrigation needs of landscape plants, pest prevention through proper plant selection and care, and use of organic materials as mulches and soil amendments. Her current research projects include identifying tree species that withstand harsh inland and desert environments and urban heat islands and the impact of mulch on the landscape tree health and performance.

Janet enjoys working in teams, and both projects are in partnership with other academics and staff from UC ANR and the USDA Forest Service. Janet is a sought after speaker and regularly presents talks at local, regional, national, and international green-industry events and conferences. While she has published her work widely in scientific as well as trade journals, her passion lies in sharing research-based information directly with members of the public and private landscape and nursery industry.