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Alans Lawnmower and Garden Center
Booth #654
Welcome to Alans Lawnmower Garden Center

For over 40 yearswe have been afamily owned and operated. We are a premier destination and resource for the landscape industry providing gas and battery equipment sales/repair and Landscape supplies. We have what the customers need in stock with the best-trained staff ready to facilitate an outstanding customer experience.

Here at Alans Lawnmower Garden Center you wont find pushy sales people high prices or low-quality products. What you will find is a friendly knowledgeable staff that offer high-quality brand name products and parts at affordable prices along with efficient repair services. Our staff shares the idea that we are not in the sales business but in the customer service business. Our sales and service staff receive ongoing product and customer service training to ensure each one has the necessary tools and knowledge to enhance our customers experience in our stores. Our master trained and certified mechanics and technicians ensure that machines are fixed correctly the first time using O.E.M. parts and state of the art diagnostic and repair equipment you just wont find in most repair shops. Our turn-around time for repairs is usually 3 to 5 days depending on parts availability and workload.

Numerous school districts cities counties and state offices as well as national landscaping companies trust us for product knowledge selection quality and pricing. We know you wont be disappointed and ask that you give us the opportunity to EARN your business.

Alans Lawnmower Garden Center Mission Statement

We strive to have all of our customers feel that they are cared for in the way we do business with them. We want every purchase or service experience to be defined by trust in our knowledge and our prices. Whenever possible we seek to make your experience with us more pleasant more informative and less expensive.
Azpects Easy Joint
Booth #762
Azpects is headquartered in the town of Ipswich in the United Kingdom and specializes in manufacturing and distributing hardscaping products to the European and North American construction marketplace.

Azpects was formed in 2009 just after the collapse of the banking system and subsequently the UK property market. Not exactly the best time to start a business targeting a market place when demand for building type products was low and forecast to go even lower.

However the two founding directors were inspired by a product they had discovered and despite the tough economic climate were convinced there was a market for it. And so in January 2010 the first Azpects product went on the market EASYJoint. From that small start selling just a few pallets in their first 6 months the company has gone from strength to strength.

Led by the directors and a small team of key advisors the company has a wealth of experience in the building/landscaping sector covering a variety of skill sets from working at the sharp end to product research and development. Our technical advisors have a history of more than 30 years in the chemical industry specializing in finding solutions to building industry problems.

Two of the directors come from the service industry and recognize the benefits gained for both the supplier and consumer from delivering excellent customer service. Their dedication to try at all times to meet or exceed customers expectations has shaped the way the company has developed and has played a large part in its fast growth. The rest of the Azpects team all perform specialist roles and we are pleased to say have for the most part grown with the company.

North American operations are led by Geoff Whitcher President of AZPECTS USA based in Dallas TX. Geoff has over 40 years experience in the hardscape industry and has been involved in some of the most prestigious and groundbreaking projects across the globe. Geoff was born in Portsmouth in the UK and has been in Dallas since 1985. Geoff was a founding member of the ICPI serving on the installation committee and has developed an excellent reputation in the design installation and forensic aspects of hardscape construction.
Eltek Group
Booth #880
Eltek Group is a large global manufacturer of water conservation and water leak prevention shutoff devices serving the irrigation industry. Our solutions are installed in both the residential and commercial marketplace. The products are innovative, affordable, and tested to meet high quality production standards. Best practices in water conservation should always consider irrigation devices with the ability to both automatically shutoff the water supply if certain events occur and measure water consumption use in real-time. Timers are an important part of efficient water utilization, but lack secondary shutoff protection and are an inadequate tool for the measurement of water usage. The Eltek product portfolio includes cost effective, 100% mechanical shutoff devices (no batteries) which activate on user defined event thresholds and measured water volume use. Plan exactly how much water is needed for your irrigation application, so water is managed efficiently and not aimlessly consumed. Device shutoff settings range from 1 to 60 gallons dependent on configuration arrangement. Receive the benefit of future savings on your water utility bills by installing a water budget device. Eltek Group smart technology is more sophisticated, but utilizes the same water shutoff device principles. Real-time event shutoff on the water supply line protects against unknown leakage. A management dashboard provides access to details involving event notification and assists in understanding water consumption patterns and abnormal water usage. Our solutions offer a significant ROI and "peace-of-mind" knowing that an automatic shutoff will protect your property from major water events and reduce your future water utility bills.
GroPro Corp
Booth #771
GroPro is an international Bio-Fertilizer, Bio-Stimulant, and Bio-Pesticide manufacturer with a headquarter in Burnsville, MN. Our products have been competing and beating the bio-industry standards. Numerous field trial results with universities researchers and growers confirm our effectiveness. GroPro was an early visionary in the bio-based market when we founded our international operations in 2019. From that point we have been working tirelessly to innovate and lead the global development, research, education, and adoption of the bio market. Because of this GroPro has been able to work with some of the top growers worldwide to evaluate and prove our materials efficacy as a rotational and stand-alone product line for a truly integrated pest management approach.

GroPro messaging is simple, our products are competitively priced and are safer for farmers, workers, and the environment. We have proven that bio-pesticides can replace synthetic ones. We improve the water, soil, plants, and consumers by harmonizing with nature.

GroPro aims to educate growers that our advanced, proprietary tech in biological products are as effective as synthetic agrochemicals and generate equal or higher profits for your business. By sharing our knowledge, our trial results, and educating growers we want to improve the image of non-chemical inputs globally and support developing markets like Egypt and Guatemala etc.

GoPro's mission is to fill the gap of effective non-chemical inputs which help growers cut chemicals use without compromising the profitability and quantity or quality of the crop. Our products are effective and safe tools. We believe in the balance of sustainability, effectiveness, and profitability.
Booth #569
Based in Los Angeles CA. Praxxis was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with extensive backgrounds in manufacturing, engineering, landscape architecture/nursery operations. All of us at Praxxis have lengthy backgrounds in the Pool/Spa industry as well as the Irrigation and Landscaping industry.

We manufacture products under our own H2Owize brand as well as offer private label/OEM contract manufacturing services to companies both large and small. Our roots run deep.literally. One partner is a 3rd generation Nurseryman and also a talented Landscape Architect who still owns and operates growing grounds in the San Fernando Valley which gives us a perfect proving ground for our H2Owize products.

Our depth and breadth of knowledge with design and production from prototype to manufacturing makes us a one-stop-shop for all product needs. Whether you want products designed sourced manufactured or all the above we have the expertise to complete your project without layers of overhead saving you valuable time and money.

We believe in protecting our environment and being good stewards with our natural resources. This is reflected in several initiatives such as; sourcing and using recycled materials whenever possible reducing or eliminating wasteful packaging and donating a portion of our profits to charities. Our partnership with the National Forrest Foundation (NFF) helps to restore forests throughout our country. For every water ring installed you are helping plant trees in our forests!

Praxxis manufacturing simplified!
Mountain States Wholesale Nursery
Booth #355
As Mountain States Wholesale Nursery celebrates 48 years we extend our gratitude to all of our customers and friends who have supported and encouraged us through the years. There are many ways to measure progress and to us the most meaningful sign is the presence of previously unused desert plants in thoughtful landscapes throughout the Southwest. These landscapes range from large-scale projects to simple private gardens each quietly recognizing our deserts as places of great beauty diversity and well-springs of life. The use of desert-adapted plants as landscape materials has evolved from the selection of our durable natives which served to anchor difficult and demanding revegetation sites to an ongoing and continuous search for beauty color and variety. In todays landscapes our plant choices have broadened to include hues and forms which far surpass our earlier hopes of adding texture refinement brilliance-pizzazz if you will-to already proven durability. This evolution and refinement has progressed on many fronts in step with education and much like a partnership together they have established a foundation for greater appreciation and acceptance of desert-adapted plants across the southwestern United States. Without the educational programs sponsored by so many organizations and institutions and without the contributions of enthusiastic writers the knowledge and pleasure of landscaping with this diverse palette would have remained limited to isolated pockets of enthusiasts. Instead the combined efforts of many individuals have resulted in a unique plant palette that provides a distinct sense of place. To assist you in your selection process Mountain States Wholesale Nursery offers over 450 taxa of desert-adapted trees shrubs ornamental grasses accents flowering perennials groundcovers and vines. We specialize in providing landscape plants that combine beauty and water economy. It is our goal to provide quality plant material to allow the fulfillment of design concepts that reflect the spirit and the beauty of the desert.We cordially invite wholesale customers to visit out nursery explore the wide variety of possibilities found here and allow us to introduce you to our large inventory of landscape plants collected from the deserts of the world. Over 550 acres of growing grounds in Arizona give us the space to handle any order and our experienced staff provides professional personalized service to our customers.
Stotz Equipment
Booth #303
Stotz Equipment is a family-owned John Deere dealership that was established as Arizona Machinery in 1947 by Fred Elder and two partners. Although the name has since changed, the family is the same. This is their history. Our story begins with Fred's father Mott, whose relationship with John Deere traces back to at least 1904, over a decade before Deere manufactured their first tractor. In that year, Mott Elder sailed out of New York harbor, bound for Argentina as a salesman working for John Deere. Mott spent his career in Argentina, where Fred was born and raised. At age 18, Fred traveled to the United States to get a college education. He graduated from Kansas State in 1929 and got a job working for John Deere. Fred was fluent in Spanish, so he was sent to Phoenix to sell farm equipment for the local dealership which was owned by John Deere at the time. When he arrived, Central Avenue in downtown Phoenix was still a dirt road and the U.S. was on the brink of the Great Depression. However, only 10% of American horsepower needs on the farm were met with tractors, so there was plenty of opportunity in agriculture. Fred spent his whole career in Phoenix, working first for Deere and then a succession of independent John Deere/Caterpillar dealers. Finally in 1947 he founded Arizona Machinery with a couple of partners. The business started with stores in Phoenix, Flagstaff, Coolidge and Mesa. They carried both John Deere and Cat equipment. The Phoenix store was located on Central Avenue in an old Laundromat. For the first year they were in business the dealership continued to take in laundry over the parts counter. Meanwhile, halfway around the world Ferenc Rosztoczy was born in 1932 in Szeged, Hungary. He grew up there, survived a number of harrowing experiences during World War II, and earned a college degree in Chemistry. In 1956 the Hungarians attempted to overthrow their Russian occupiers and become a free country. The Russians quickly crushed the rebellion, causing a number of Hungarians to try to escape the country. Ferenc, along with his brother and five friends managed to escape. In January, 1957 they arrived in the United States penniless and unable to speak English. Ferenc found his way to the campus of U.C. Berkeley, where he earned a PhD in Physical Chemistry. Soon after he graduated, he spotted a young Diane Elder (Fred's daughter) sunbathing at the apartment complex where they lived. One day when Diane's roommate was not with her at the pool, Ferenc approached and asked "May I interrupt your dreams for a moment?" This started a whirlwind romance, and they were married seven months later in December 1963. Back in Arizona in 1959, Fred's partner was diagnosed with cancer and began to sell off his interest in Arizona Machinery. He sold the Caterpillar business to the Whiteman family and sold off the John Deere stores to multiple key Arizona Machinery managers. John Deere did not permit Fred to purchase more than three stores, so he purchased the Phoenix, Mesa, and Buckeye locations in Maricopa County. In the 1960's Fred started Arizona Industrial Machinery to promote John Deere's new line of construction equipment, a separate business which eventually passed to Tom Elder, Fred's only son. In 1973 Fred passed away, and in 1975 the family was looking for somebody to run the company. At the time, Ferenc was putting his PhD to work as a scientist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Tom Elder offered Ferenc a position as President of Arizona Machinery. Ferenc agreed to move his family back to Arizona in 1975 even though he knew nothing of the farm implement business. Under his leadership, the business expanded with real estate investments and the construction of Stotz Dairy in 1980. The "Stotz" name came from the nickname of Ferenc's oldest sons, Tom and Rob, who were in high school at the time. Tom joined the business in 1987, and Rob joined in 1994. Their youngest brother Teddy later joined in 2003. As leadership began to transition from Ferenc to Tom in the late 90's, Arizona Machinery started to expand. The company added stores in Southern California that operated as AA Equipment. Next they added locations in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming that operated as Greenline Equipment. Further acquisitions in 2011 and 2013 brought all of these locations together into one contiguous geographic footprint. The management team agreed that the business should operate as one single unified entity rather than operating as three separate dealerships. After an employee vote, it was agreed that the company would rebrand itself as Stotz Equipment in the hopes that this name would keep the business linked to the family history. Today Stotz Equipment operates out of 25 locations in 8 western states. It still holds true to the founding values of the Elder and Rosztoczy families: Quality, Integrity, Loyalty, Caring and Community. Stotz Equipment seeks simply to be the best equipment dealer in the world. Our mission is to make life easier for our customers through long-term relationships, flexible solutions and uptime availability. These efforts were recognized by Farm Equipment Magazine in 2013 when they named Stotz Equipment the Dealer of the Year for North America.
V&P Nurseries
Booth #347
Started as a small backyard business growing Caesalpinia pulcherrima, Greek immigrant Demetrios Vlachos and his son, Niko, collected coffee cans to fill with native soils and elements to create viable, nutrient-rich homes for their self-scarified seedlings. Selling and growing this stunning variety opened a world of opportunity, eventually allowing the Vlachos' to cultivate new specimens on land they purchased nearly 10 years after managing a successful homegrown operation. Now flourishing for over four decades, V&P is one of the largest wholesale growers local to Arizona, managing over 280 acres throughout Queen Creek and Chino Valley. The nursery grows subtropical and drought-tolerant varieties from regions across the world, supporting their adaptation to our rich desert climate in thoughtful, responsible ways. In addition to nurturing these specimens and acclimating them to our desert home, the company proudly grows an array of varieties native to Arizona, including vines, trees, shrubs, perennials, succulents, and ornamental grasses. V&P is always in the process of developing new and unique cultivars, mindful to blend successful, established horticultural techniques with modern, sustainable new approaches. Many of the nursery's varieties are trademark or patent pending, with new specimens on the horizon. As it continues to expand, V&P remains focused on its core values to not only improve upon its plant product selection and quality but remain steadfast in its commitment to the continued engagement, education and accessibility surrounding horticulture, the communities it serves and the future of the industry at large.
West Coast Turf
Booth #219
West Coast Turf was founded in 1990 with the aim of providing the best natural turfgrass sod and service in the business. Along with sister company Western Sod we offer more than 30 different varieties of turfgrass with sod farms in California and Arizona.

In addition we have developed and exclusive line of Soil Burst organic fertilizers. Our other services include specialized sports turf custom grown sod to your specific specifications world-wide shipping expert sod installation cutting-edge hydroseeding and stolon planting, our new Field TopMaker recycling/renovating machine, and "Ready Play Grass" sod available for instant use.

Our turfgrasses are preferred by homeowners architects and the most well-known turfgrass professionals across the nation. West Coast Turf will custom-grow your sod to your special seed or sand specifications. For your other special requests we offer 42-inch big-roll sod overseeded warm season turfgrasses seed and stolons thick-cut sod and planting services.

Year after year our sod is chosen for such high profile arenas such as the Rose Bowl, Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Angel Stadium, Oracle Park in San Francisco, Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara and the Oakland Coliseum to name a few. After supplying nine Super Bowls West Coast Turf is the only sod company that has earned the right to call ourselves the Home of Super Bowl Sod.

West Coast Turf not only supplies the finest sod to the most high profile major stadiums and golf courses around but homeowners and landscapers too can have that same high quality turfgrass for their own landscape needs. Our warm season grasses are well suited for the dry deserts of Arizona, Nevada and California, and we have a large selection of cool season grasses for cooler coastal areas. Everyone can have the home field advantage with West Coast Turf!

Golf course architects contractors and superintendents for some of the world's most prestigious golf courses have relied on us for nothing short of perfection. Whether you need a fairway, a green, or an entire 18 holes we have the most improved and newest turfgrass varieties in the industry to fit your needs.

We use only state-of-the-art growing technology overseeding techniques, big roll installation harvesting methods and seed/stolon planting. You can put your trust in us.

Name the location and we will have our sod and stolons there when you need it. Our night-shift harvests bring sod fresh to customers each day throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada. Other parts of the nation and Mexico receive top quality product delivered in our refrigerated trucks. We also offer fast expert installation. Our experienced crews high-tech equipment and superior installation techniques have made us the selection for World Series and numerous Super Bowls sometimes just days before the big game.

West Coast Turf is a longstanding member in the Turfgrass Producers International which is the only international trade association devoted exclusively to turfgrass sod production. Like TPI we are committed to keeping abreast of research product innovations and improved practices that benefit the environment. We are a steward of the environment and part of a community working together as one industry striving to promote the benefits of turfgrass.

We take pride in all of our projects. Whether it be a World Championship game or your home lawn we have the same commitment to quality. After all your success is our success.

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